Sunday, March 6, 2016

BML Simulator Interface

This note announces release of a more user-friendly interface for the Binary Mechanics Lab Simulator (BMLS) [1], which may be downloaded by clicking the link.

Fig. 1: BML Simulator Interface Screen Shot (Expt 1)

The download contains the BMLS interface program bmls.exe (Fig. 1), which eliminates the need for *.bat files [2], and an update of the BMLS v1.40 (hotspot.exe).

The Set Initial State button begins to write the BLMS parameter file with editable results shown in the edit box on the right. The values in the button box include (1) bit density, (2) the eight spot types with the four antiparticle items on the left [3] [4], (3) the eight bit types -- negative (nit) and positive (pit) fermion mite bits and boson lite bits in each of six directions [5] and (4) applicable X, Y, Z ranges, which may be set to include the entire simulated volume (the default) down to a single spot cube (Fig. 2) or single spot [6]. The Set Initial State button may be clicked after editing these parameters as many times as needed to create objects in the simulated volume.

The Save Parameters button adds the Experiment, Bit Operations Order and N Ticks values and writes a *.txt file in the \bat subdirectory using the File Name in the right edit box. When done, a list of newly created files is displayed in the right edit box. The steps above may be repeated to create two or more parameter files without running them yet.

The Run Simulator button is enabled when one or more File Names are listed in the right edit box. Clicking Run Simulator launches the BMLS (hotspot.exe) to process the input files. Meanwhile the Interface window is hidden.

The Load Files button shows a File Name list of all *.txt files in the \bat subdirectory, which may optionally be edited or run. Thus, files created in a previous session may be listed and run. The usefulness of this feature may depend on moving "old" files in the \bat subdirectory to another "archive" location.

Fig. 2: BML Simulator Interface Screen Shot (One Spot Cube)

Fig. 2 shows a setup in which single spots may be seeded and studied. Tip: if the "c" key is pressed during the run, the BMLS will pause on Tick 21 to allow viewing the display before it exits.

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© 2016 James J Keene