Sunday, February 20, 2011

Binary Mechanics Simulation Software

Computer software to simulate the time development of binary mechanics [1] states has produced some encouraging results consistent with well-known physics. The program to be presented was originally written as a console program for 16-bit computers in 1994 and recently ported to HotBasic, which is faster than C language variants (C, C+, C++, etc). Any initial state may be used and its development over time observed. Fig. 1 shows mite and lite bits exploding from an initial state of all bits set for maximum bit density in a sphere with a radius of 8 spots.
Fig. 1: Solid View of "Exploding Sphere"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Physical Interpretation of Binary Mechanical Space

Updated Jan 26, 2016
Computer simulation of the time development of states (bit patterns) in binary mechanics (BM) [1] requires a physical interpretation of its quantized space. As shown in Fig. 1, let us view a spot unit as two cubes with side length d, a BM fundamental constant, one each for the fermion mite bit (M, circle) and the boson lite bit (L, arrow).

Fig. 1: 2-Bit Spot Unit