Monday, January 18, 2016

Spot The Physics Theory

Fun pop quiz. Spot the physics theory hidden in Tables 1 to 3.

Table 1: Physics Theory: Some First Principles

Unusual "off the wall" predictions that are not confirmed by observation and/or experiment are most welcome, helping to exclude particular theories.

Table 2: Physics Theory: Some Predictions

Legend: Elementary Particles (1-state bits): 8 = (1 quark x 2 for antiparticle x 3 colors) + (1 lepton x 2 for antiparticle). 42 = (6 quarks x 2 for antiparticle x 3 colors) + (3 leptons x 2 for antiparticle) without counting mesons and neutrinos.

According to the "what have you done for me lately" criterion, spot the currently leading physics theory.

Table 3: Physics Theory: Some Milestones

Hint: Try to successfully navigate past the repeated mantra that physics is the only science in which physical, logical and mathematical inconsistencies are "normal"; it is not.

© 2016 James J Keene